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    Selamat Datang di Situs WISMP IMRI Jabar....... Ini adalah Situs yang akan memberikan gambaran berbagai hal mengenai WISMP (Water Resources and Irrigation Sector Management Program)....
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    Jual Tanah Lokasi : Perbatasan Subang - Indramayu Luas Tanah : 14 Ha. (Pinggir Jalan) Status Tanah : Hak Milik / Akte J/B Tipe Tanah : Cocok Untuk Tanaman Kelapa Sawit, Pabrik dan Dll. Bagi yang minat silahkan hubungi No. 022-922 49 8 59 atau 087 82 14 82 065 atau ke email : ametaliza@yahoo.com
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Profile of Purwakarta

Purwakarta Views

Purwakarta Views

Kabupaten Purwakarta, which lies in south east part of West Java Province, 107° 30’ – 107° 40’ of West Longitude and 6° 25’ – 6° 45’ South parallel, has a wide range area of 970.172 ha or 971,72 km2 and more than 710.000 population. The administration borders of Kabupaten Purwakarta are adjacent to Kabupaten Karawang on the west and some north side, Kabupaten Subang on the north and some of the east side, Kabupaten Bandung on the south side, and the last to Kabupaten Cianjur on the south west side. Kabupaten Purwakarta lies on the central point of the intersection between three strategic main traffic directions, which are Purwakarta-Jakarta, Purwakarta-Bandung, and Purwakarta-Cirebon, which leads to Central Java. The distance from Purwakarta to Jakarta is approximately 95km or 1-hour travel through the toll road. While the distance from Purwakarta to Bandung, the capital city of West Java is approximately 70km.Being geographically strategic, Purwakarta is considered as a potential region to develop industrial sector, trade and service, and housing besides other factors. This has also been supported by the existence of the toll road from Jakarta to Cikampek ended in Purwakarta and also the toll road of Cikampek-Purwakarta-Padalarang. On the mentioned strategic location, Purwakarta has become an attractive city for any investor to invest. Therefore, Purwakarta has been legitimated as industrial city of 2000ha and industrial zone of 3000ha along with its tourist resort, Jatiluhur. This has made Purwakarta a bright potential region to be developed in the years to come.

(Source: http://english.purwakarta.go.id/)


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