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The Chronicles of Cianjur

The history of Cianjur began with the flight of Raden Aria Wiratanu, the son of Raden Aria Wangsa Goparana Dalem Sagaraherang, to Cibalagung and then the settled here along with tens of his followers with the intention of spreading Islam instilling in people some religious influences and opening up new lands for farming. The riverside lands of Cibalagung was chosen for such purposes because of their fertility. Raden Aria Wiratanu became the first Dalem of Cianjur.

Meanwhile, in the 17 th century, there was a conflict in the kingdom of Mataram because of which some territories of the kingdom especially those in the western area of Citarum river gone. The news about the conflict reached Raden Aria Wiratanu who, after long deliberation and prayer to Allah the almighty, proclaimed himself as the ruler leader of the community of Cibalagung – Cianjur territory independent and freed from Mataram.

It’s for those reason that the government of Cianjur Regency, as stipulated in the regional act no.27 the year of 1982 and paper D no.4 the year of 1982 dated 17 July 1982, made 12 July 1677 as the birthday of Cianjur.

The remnants of the Cianjur ruler then are, among other things, the grave yard of Dalem Aria Wiratanu as the founder and the first regent of Cianjur, the Gunung Jati Cemetery, the Legend of Eyang Suryakancana who was one of the children of Raden Aria Wiratanu.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the birthday of Cianjur every year, the officials of the government of Cianjur Regency Pay homage to the dead former ruler popularly called Makam Dalem Cikundul.

(sumber: http://www.cianjur.go.id)


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